About Paul Flint

The native son of a Federal worker and a DC schoolteacher, I got involved with Vermont by attending college in Putney. Eventually I became General Manager and Chief Engineer of WVUS 88.9.

I married a girl from Bennington and we for 30 years worked in DC, raising a family.  Upon return to Vermont 12 years ago, I have worked as a College Professor, Programmer, Justice of the peace, a Systems Administrator at the Vermont Department of Labor, a VSEA organizer and lately as a technical consultant and contractor.  Volunteer activities include membership in the Democratic party, Aldrich Library projects, Civic activities such as the Barre Heritage Festival, the TechnoRubble project (http://technorubble.org), and operating the Barre Open Systems Institute (http://bosivt.org) “Adult Swim", which meets every Monday evening in the basement of Heading UMC in downtown Barre City successfully training open source technology educated workers..


Paul Flint, of Barre, Vermont is an independent technical consultant, security analyst, author and inventor with just about a quarter century's professional experience in military systems, international banking, broadcast management, appraisal, engineering, systems network design and security architecture. Mr. Flint’s has experience and publications in the areas of Military, Broadcast, Government, Research, Education and Commercial Information Assurance. Additionally, Paul Flint possesses an extensive background in data system programming, certification management, desugn, engineering, evaluation and appraisal. He currently lives in Vermont in a lovely Victorian with his wife, and her cat.

Senior System Administrator

Barre Open System Institute

System Administrator

Company Name Goddard College

Systems Engineer III

Company Name Vermont State Department of Labor

Computer Science Professor

Company Name State of Vermont


Company Name RFA



Windham College

Degree Name Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.)

Field Of Study Business / Economics

The Grantsmanship Center{http://www.tgci.com/)

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